Construction is a dangerous business. Integrating safety processes into our operations and utilizing innovative approaches to managing the safety process are crucial to ensuring a safe construction environment on all our projects. We understand the need to make our work environment free of as many hazards and risk as possible. While our management team manages the process, our foremen, who average twenty years of employment with Mitchell Chuoke Plumbing, Inc. oversee the process. Their experience and knowledge base on safety are critical to achieving our goal of an injury-free workplace.

We believe that a safe work environment on a construction site requires a team effort in identifying, evaluating, and managing the risks that flow to the worksite. At Mitchell Chuoke Plumbing, our entire company are participants; owners, management, foremen, and workers must cooperate and contribute to achieve this goal.

Safety, we believe, is an outcome, a function of the interaction of methods, means, materials, manpower, and the plans. It is not something you do; it is something you get. As a result, good safety means that our projects are also running well, and other key objectives are also being satisfied. Safety involves people. Keeping detailed safety records mean that the work is managed well, and things are done properly. It also means that those actually performing the work, and exposed to the chance for personal injury, are going home intact at the end of each day. This factor attracts, and helps retain our quality workforce. At Mitchell Chuoke Plumbing, Inc., this is our most valuable asset.