Working collaboratively with the client, architect and engineers, we help build meticulous schedules and immediately begin cost modeling alternative processes and materials to uncover the most economical and efficient path to completion. Our attention to detail and keen understanding of the mechanical process translates into smart solutions for key elements like schedule, sustainability, staging, phasing, material demands, scope of work, allowances, unit pricing, safety and more.

New Construction

Mitchell Chuoke Plumbing brings over six decades of experience and expertise to every project. Through the years, we have built strong partnerships with general contractors, owners, and suppliers across the state of Texas. We are dedicated to successfully completing your project and exceeding your expectations. Our clients trust us to handle projects of all shapes, size, and complexity and we deliver on schedule, within budget, and with highest standards of safety.

Special Projects

Mitchell Chuoke Plumbing is dedicated to bringing full service plumbing and piping to our clients regardless of project size. Such projects are labeled "special" because of their diversity, time constraints, and unique circumstances such as renovations, additions, and repairs. Our special projects receive the same high standards that apply to all of our projects, including competitive pricing, a detailed scope of work, and a projected schedule.


The emphasis placed on quality at Mitchell Chuoke Plumbing attracts the right kind of clients and employees to our company. We feel that quality craftsmanship must be a day-to-day standard in the office and on the job site. We provide our employees with the training, tools, and materials to ensure a quality finished product: a benchmark our clients expect and appreciate project after project.


Integrating safety processes into our operations and utilizing innovative approaches to managing the safety process are crucial to ensuring a safe construction environment on all our projects. We understand the need to make our work environment free of as many hazards and risk as possible. While our management team manages the process, our foremen, who average twenty years of employment ... more >